Theaters Of Madness Insane Asylums And Nineteenth Century American Culture -

the architecture of madness insane asylums in the united - elaborately conceived grandly constructed insane asylums ranging in appearance from classical temples to gothic castles were once a common sight looming on the outskirts of american towns and cities, amazon com lunatics imbeciles and idiots a history of - in the first half of the nineteenth century treatment of the mentally ill in britain and ireland underwent radical change no longer manacled chained and treated like wild animals patient care was defined in law and medical understanding and treatment of insanity developed, bethlem royal hospital wikipedia - bethlem royal hospital also known as st mary bethlehem bethlehem hospital and bedlam is a psychiatric hospital in london its famous history has inspired several horror books films and tv series most notably bedlam a 1946 film with boris karloff the hospital is closely associated with king s college london and in partnership with the institute of psychiatry psychology and neuroscience, history of medicine wikipedia - the history of medicine shows how societies have changed in their approach to illness and disease from ancient times to the present early medical traditions include those of babylon china egypt and india the indians introduced the concepts of medical diagnosis prognosis and advanced medical ethics the hippocratic oath was written in ancient greece in the 5th century bce and is a direct