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a gnostic book of hours keys to inner wisdom june singer - a truly inspirational gnostic prayer book that will keep you connected with the limitless light christos and sophia throughout your day this book is a well researched system of gnostic worship, the gnostic new age how a countercultural spirituality - the gnostic new age how a countercultural spirituality revolutionized religion from antiquity to today april deconick on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers, gnostic america gnostic america - the postmodern move away from logo centric communication toward phantasy characteristic of the media revolution fulfills the vision of christianity s oldest anti logos foes the gnostics, catholic encyclopedia gnosticism new advent - history of gnosticism from its pre christian roots through its developed doctrines concerning cosmogony the sophia myth soteriology and eschatology includes information on rites schools and literature, gnosticism ancient and modern religious tolerance - christian history and faith groups menu gnosticism ancient and modern sponsored link summary gnosticism is a philosophical and religious movement which started in pre christian times, gnostic society library gnostic scriptures and fragments - introduction to the bruce codes and texts of the bruce codex a coptic gnostic document discovered in 1769 part of a vast collection of materials dealing with gnosis and gnosticism both ancient and modern, judas was james gospel meaning textual interpretation - new textual interpretation the gospel of judas is about the sacrifice of self the bible copied and inverted it into a betrayal or sacrifice of the master, the secret book of john apocryphon of john gnosis - this translation is presented in the gnostic society library by exclusive permission of the author all rights including right of electronic reproduction are reserved by the author it has always seemed to me that the secret book of john evolved to be more difficult to read than it originally was, catholic encyclopedia apocrypha new advent - a long article with a comments on each apocryphal book classified according to origin, what did the early christians believe nice gnostics - nice gnostics christian mystics of knowledge changed early losers in the battle for jesus jesus never existed what did the early christians believe, more information on the cathars cathar beliefs gnostic - cathars and cathar beliefs in the languedoc books on the cathars catharism and the albigensian crusade