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ptsd guide for veterans civilians patients and family - having reviewed many ptsd guides we found them lacking in easy of downloading and use our ptsd guide for veterans civilians patients and family is culled from relevant and qualified sources with information that helpful, the ultimate guide to va loans and veteran financial benefits - active duty military and veterans are eligible for benefits based on their service this ultimate guide covers the financial side of those benefits, how are va disability rates for depression determined - some depressed veterans get va disability benefits while others don t so how are va disability rates for depression determined learn how it works here, veterans substance abuse resources addiction and ptsd help - the u s department of veteran affairs highlights several difficulties that veterans face while transitioning into civilian life including finding gainful employment housing and other necessities other challenges include finding community and camaraderie outside of the military returning to or finding a civilian job some may need additional training and education, military transition ets resources - the national personnel records center military personnel records nprc mpr is the repository of millions of military personnel health and medical records of discharged and deceased veterans of all services during the 20th century records prior to wwi are in washington dc nprc mpr also stores medical treatment records of retirees from all services as well as records for dependent and, mdol unemployment claims maine gov - the bureau of unemployment compensation contributes to economic stability by providing temporary employer funded benefits to eligible individuals while they seek re employment, israel news the jerusalem post - israel news features every important moment from the jewish state involving politics celebrities and innovation this is the hard hitting fast paced news that represents the jewish nation in an, adp 1 adrp 1 the army board questions the most up to - armyadp com the new army study guide the most up to date army study guide army adp 1 0 and adrp 1 0 the army this site contains new army study guide questions and answers for army boards, westin s 553rd recon wing batcat page ec 121r and korat page - careful wording on your va claim is essential recommend all veterans who submit a va claim use the wording as herbicide agent orange do not use agent orange only reason is the armed forces pest management board afpmb did not keep records of precisely what herbicides were used on any specific day see va citation 1028449 paragraph on page 4 of 5 highlighted in yellow, faqs frequently asked questions about pearl harbor - do you have questions about pearl harbor see our faqs to learn more about visiting history and current events at pearl harbor, dmv idaho transportation department - titling procedure if an idaho resident purchases a vehicle from an idaho dealer that dealer will prepare an application for title for the owner and file it with the idaho transportation department itd or a county assessor motor vehicle office within 30 days of delivery, u s news latest national news videos photos abc - an ohio dad made his 10 year old daughter walk 5 miles to school in 36 degree weather after she got suspended from the bus for bullying another, sample letter to va for disability rating sinusitis - this quick disability claim letter to va comp pension from my own claim for sinusitis sleep apnea and allergic rhinitis should help get your claim going knowing where to start when filing your, what is a veteran the legal definition veterans anonymous - it appears that you must have served in active military service from the veteran s eligibility page on the va page for the purposes of va health benefits and services a person who served in the active military service and who was discharged or released under conditions other than dishonorable is a veteran, a survival q a living through shtf in the middle of a - when it hit the fan in bosnia in the 1990 s the electrical grid and water utilities went down thus there was no heat in the winter and no potable water available for drinking the currency and banking system were non existent and commerce in its traditional form came to a standstill leaving only barter as a way to, cybersecurity frequently asked questions united states navy - thank you for visiting the website of the department of the navy chief information officer the don cio provides policy and guidance on information management and information technology cybersecurity to the department of the navy please review the below frequently asked questions before submitting, faqs support advocacy for victims affected by toxic - the following is a list of common questions and answers that we run across you can check back here for new topics and to see if you can find answers for those questions we get asked a lot, reflections the war horse - as one of four women in a 40 odd lieutenant training platoon in quantico and one of five in a 150 marine company deployed to iraq i m well acquainted with the tactics of fading into the background or speaking only when sure of an answer in order to join tolerate or escape the camaraderie that often evolves in male dominated military environments, the legend of the m113 gavin continues in combat the - this web page is dedicated to our good friend retired armored vehicle engineer bill criswell who passed away a few years ago a courageous and wise voice of reason against the wheeled truck madness infecting the army and dod the picture above was his favorite of 11 th combat engineers leading the way into baghdad using m113 gavins with gunshields bill you will never be forgo, ceus mental health continuing education ceus online - ceu by net s course catalog featuring dynamic fast paced online continuing education courses for social workers professional counselors mfts and lcdcs courses award instant ce certificates from 1 ce credit to 10 ce credits some flexicourses have multiple certificates, watertown daily times local news sports features and - saturday december 24 2016 fort drum aviation soldiers return from iraq kuwait tuesday december 20 2016 fort drum staff sergeant accused of possessing more than 10 000 images of child pornography, canada news national headlines latest canadian stories - get the national news top canadian stories photos videos read the latest headlines and breaking news happening across canada, tsa lga workplace strategies for us - this is a personally run site it is not tsa sponsored there is no posting of any ssi fouo pii on the site we are a safer country thanks to the professionalism and vigilance of the tsa, poems for remembrance day and peace events - apologies for the formatting problems evident on this page we are working to resolve the issue poems for remembrance day and peace events many poems that may be suitable for remembrance day and peace events click to access list and links, fort campbell relocation guide - fort campbell 2017 fort campbell table of contents 2017 marcoa publishing inc p o box 509100 san diego ca 92150 9100 4garrison 4 858 695 9600 fax 858 695, ask your clearance questions clearancejobs blog - we get clearance related questions in almost all threads on this site so we thought we d occasionally create a separate q a thread here you can ask questions about clearance investigations how to get a clearance reinvestigations adjudications or any topic you are looking for an answer to